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Max Bonick is an American musician based in Napa Valley. Born in San Rafael, CA in 1987, Max’s parents moved to Napa when he was two. Unlike many musicians, Max did not take an early interest in music. Instead, his interests were skateboarding, Tae Kwon Do, and math. At 14 years old, Max picked up the guitar for the first time and right away, he was hooked.


After a couple years of playing guitar every day, and picking up the mandolin in that time, Max decided college was going to be about music, and that meant learning about jazz. He joined his high school jazz band and began taking private lessons with Mimi Fox. Two years later, he was attending UCLA for Ethnomusicology.


In college, Max studied Brazillian drumming, Middle Eastern Music, North Indian Classical music, Bulgarian wedding music, Chinese Opera, Classical music theory, and of course, jazz. In that time, he transitioned to the piano, and picked up the flute. During the Summers, he returned to Napa to practice and perform with local musicians and friends.


After college, he formed his own quartet which he called the Real Jazz Quartet. After a few years with the quartet, he formed the Window Trio with Lu Salcedo and Colin McCuen. They currently perform at Alexis Baking Company and Cafe in Napa, as well as at special events around the Bay Area.


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